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HL7 FHIR® Implementation Guide: DaVinci Payer Data Exchange US Drug Formulary, Release 1 STU2 – US Realm

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This project defines a FHIR interface to a health insurer's drug formulary information for patients/consumers. A drug formulary is a list of brand-name and generic prescription drugs a health insurer agrees to pay for, at least partially, as part of health insurance coverage. Drug formularies are developed based on the efficacy, safety and cost of drugs. The primary use cases for this FHIR interface enable consumers/members/patients to understand the costs and alternatives for drugs that have been prescribed, and to compare their drug costs across different insurance plans.

CMS Interoperability and Prior Authorization Final Rule

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HL7 Project Insight ID: 1489

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Status Date: 12/01/2023


This is the current edition.

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